Dear Alumni, Do you miss us? We certainly miss all of you, Masscommers. Not everyone knows what this word means – masscommers. It means that you have made a mark in this faculty from your life-changing experiences; good ones and let’s not forget the painful ones that have become your life lessons. It’s about friendship and family. This word also elicits both pride and a sense of belonging. It represents all of you and brings us together. On top of everything, we aim to keep in regular contact with all of our alumni through this website. We want to know what you’re doing and listen to your thoughts. Your opinion is important to us, just as much as how you mean to us.

     So, welcome home, Masscommers. Home is where your heart is.     


"From Lendu, I learn how to dance and now I'm teaching how to dance." Sender: Muhammad Fared Kuswadinata (Batch: July 2008 - July 2011)
"Suka duka, kenangan pahit manis tidak kami semua lupakan. Akhirnya semua dah berjaya melayari kehidupan masing-masing." Sender: Muhammad Ekmal Hakim Bin Abdullah (Batch: Jun'13-Dis'16)
"Rindu Lendu dan setiap memorinya." Sender: Muhammad Alyas Bin Abul Jalil (Batch: July 2009-Apr 2012)
Program NADIA (Nadaku Untuk Dunia) Sender: Amirulhasmidi Muhammad (Batch: December 2010 - October 2013)
"Time semua kurus2 & suci dalam debu" Sender: Siti Nabila Ismail
"10 years ago we were masscommers!" Sender: Khairul Najmi Yusof (Batch: Dec'08-Nov'11)

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