Year after year, the Selangkah ke UiTM Expo will always has their own crowd and visitors. They came to the expo to get some knowledge about UiTM and to gain some interest for the Sijil Penilaian Malaysia (SPM), Sijil Tinggi Penilaian Malaysia (STPM), Matriculation leavers to pursue their study in UiTM. This yearly expo will always be the expo that the students and also their parents been waiting throughout the year after they receive their examination result.

The expo of Selangkah ke UiTM usually will be organized in most of the state in Malaysia as a platform for the UiTM to spread the informations to the students in every state. In Melaka, the expo was held in UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka on 17th and 18th March 2018. UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka is the most strategic place for the expo because it is located in the middle of the city that is close to the malls, the wide area of parkings that will make the visitors easily parked their cars, said Madam Nur Hidayah Zairi, Coordinator Unit of Corporat Communication. She also said that the facilities from UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka will made the students easily can fill up the online form by using the computer lab that is provided by UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka. The students also will have the experience the surrounding of a university intead of organize it in malls or parks nearby.

According to Mr Juan Rizal Saari, the Coordinator Unit of Corporat Communication, the visitors target for the Selangkah ke UiTM Expo are 1500 of visitors for both days. One of the objectives of this expo is to acknowldege the students and parents in Malaysia about the new programme of UiTM named ‘Mengubah Destini Anak Bangsa’. This programmed was specially created for the ‘Orang Asli’, ‘Bumiputera’ and also for the athletes’ children who play sport for the country or state and they cannot fully focus in academic to pursue their studies in higher level of education. This expo also was organized for the students and parents to get face to face consultation about the courses in UiTM and which one is the most suitable for them. As for him, the specialities that one can get when they pursue their studies in UiTM is the large quantity of alumni that can help each other to build their career in the future, a wide network inside and outside the country and also the fees are the cheapest among the other universities in Malaysia.

Nurul Hanisah, one of the visitors who lives in Masjid Tanah, Melaka, said “I knew about this event from my high schools’ teacher. Not only that, my brother and sister also went to this event few years back to know which courses were suitable for them.” When we asked which course that she was interested, she answered “I think I will take science related course because my sister took pure math and my brother took engineering”. Her mother also agree with her decision. Next, Muhammad Fadli and Aiman Latif, who interested to pursue in business course also visit this event to know further information about the course. They also said this expo enable them to know whether they are qualify enough to pursue the course or not.

If you think only those who live nearby visit this event, you are wrong! Khairul Najiha, comes all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka just to visit this event! Even though she took literary stream during high school, that didn’t stop her from being interested in mass communication course. “I am interested in mass communication course because it looks fun. I also want to pursue in advertisement. Furthermore, I can’t imagine myself working an office job since I’m an outgoing person”, she said. However, she heard from her senior and social medias that people who took mass communication course can’t go far but in actuality, they can. Look around us for instance. Information can easily be delivered to many people via news, radio and even social media itself! “My senior told me that it is difficult for mass communication students to find a job that sticks longer; which is why I’m here to find out the truth,” she added.

As a final word, this expo give many benefits to the visitors who attend the event. Even though we live in a world where information can be easily spread through technologies, face to face talk like Selangkah ke UiTM Expo is still important especially for those who live in rural area. This is the chance for the visitors to ask as many questions as they want to the lecturers who was on duty there. Many people especially the lecturers hope Selangkah ke UiTM Expo in the future will be as successful as this year.