Constant connectivity and digital media have enabled Malaysians to leapfrog to be one of the most socially engaged markets in the world.

#MTVLendu, a short for “Mass Comm Talk Viral Lendu” is a slot in the two-days event of FESKOM ViRAL that aims to engage with the society especially students on how to behave accordingly on social media as well as the guidelines to use the platform to its maximum benefit. Zachariah Aidin Druckman, popularly known as “Cekgu Zac” on Twitter and Mohd Sharizan Mahamood, the curator behind the account @infosihat2u were invited as speakers to spill the beans on how to become a social media savvy.

According to Cekgu Zac, he uses the social media platform, mainly Twitter, everyday to share knowledge relating to English teaching and learning, besides answering netizens questions who want to know the correct pronunciation method of certain words.He thinks that as the generation evolves, the learning and teaching methods should evolve side to side. Hence, the modernization stream combines traditional and digital learning methods, known as blended learning.“I want to prove the mastery of social media wisely and prudently can bring good,” he said.

As for Mohd Sharizan Mahamood, who is a health education officer at the Ministry of Health Malaysia, said that social media is the best platform to share and gain new things, if used best.“I started the account @infosihat2u with the purpose to share the benefits of healthy lifestyle to public as well as the bits and bobs to improve health in the lightest sharing method possible.

“People have gone out with the old methods of reading leaflets of information and attending talks. They want a lighter version of information sharing, hence why I think starting a Twitter account to educate about healthy lifestyle is a good choice. Furthermore, social media has become a regular fixture of our everyday lives. We check on them throughout the day and again at night before we go to bed,” he added.

The two-hours slot is filled with tons of beneficial informations, with bursts of laughters in between of course. With the fun appearance of these two speakers, it is hope that the students gained something on how to become a social media savvy.

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